Abortion – A Problem for Teenage Girls Essay

Abortion – A Problem for Teenage Girls Essay

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The subject of teenage abortion has always been emotionally charged, meaning a lot of people have reacted to it negatively. Just like teenage pregnancy, the issue of teenage abortion is ignored by most of the parents who think that it would cause problems for them and their teenage girls in the long run.

When it comes to writing an essay on the problem of teenage abortion, we will have to take care of a few things.

Is the issue too serious?

First of all, we should be clear with whether the issue of teenage abortion is as serious in the country as is the problem of teenage pregnancy. Obviously, when a teenage girl falls pregnant, the first reaction of her parents and the society is negative, and she might have to face a lot of problems. Later on, the parents ask their teenage girl to get an abortion so that the issue can be resolved on an immediate basis.

For someone who is writing this essay, it may not be possible to understand the consequences, but for the parents as well as the teenager, it can be a big problem. It is essential to understand their emotions and feelings before coming up with the essay and collecting data for it from the web, journals, and books.
Use some quotes and interview questions

In order to support your arguments and the thesis statement, you should use some interview questions and quotes. Ideally, you can conduct interviews with a couple of teenage girls who have had aborted their children and since then, it has become difficult for them to survive in the society to the fullest. What they have replied can be used as direct quotes, and do not forget to cite and reference the essay.

Have they forgotten their past? Who is the father of their child?

These are very sensitive questions but are needed to be asked in order to give your essay a professional and flawless look. The essay writing is a complicated task, and you should cover the topic of teenage abortion only when you have sufficient data and proves to support your point of view as well as to argue on a particular issue.
Raise your voice

This essay can be your chance to raise your voice in the favor of teenagers who have aborted their children and are now living a miserable life. Unfortunately, a large number of teenagers across the country are suffering from health issues ever since their babies got aborted. Not only this but also they are pushed behind the race, disrespected by the society, and devalued by their own family members. In addition, such teenage girls are considered a useless part of the society and not allowed to continue their studies. Keeping in mind all of these things, the essay you are writing can be your chance to support those innocent girls.

It is understandable that once they had committed a mistake, but that does not mean they deserve to be punished for a lifetime. From the time they got pregnant to the time when they decided to abort the child, the treatment of this male-dominating society has been weird with them. All of these things can be covered in your teenage abortion essay. Try your best to share as many facts with the reader as possible and avoid grammatical or spelling mistakes to an extent.